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Voxx Socks: Alternatives to Supplements to Improve Balance

Supplements and vitamins can both be great ways to address common health concerns; they are generally natural, safe, and easy ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re concerned about your wellbeing.

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Supplements and vitamins can both be great ways to address common health concerns; they are generally natural, safe, and easy ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re concerned about your wellbeing. These kinds of solutions are often worth pursuing for your wellness, but there are some areas that they unfortunately cannot offer much help in. There are, for example, no good supplements to improve balance, but there are other natural solutions available. But why would supplements not work, and what would work instead?

Vitamins for Balance: Science or Wishful Thinking?

In 2016, a group of doctors examined links between vitamin D and a person’s posture as they investigated the idea of vitamins for balance1. Their working theory was that because vitamin D improves a person’s muscular strength, it would improve a person’s ability to balance as it did so. They also cite anecdotal evidence suggesting that regions of the brain responsible for a person’s balance were positively affected by increased vitamin D. Unfortunately, the results, while promising, were limited, and even went so far as to note that vitamin D deficiencies often lead to sleepiness and difficulty balancing, which could account partially for the positive results.

When we investigate the idea of supplements to improve balance, these are the kinds of results we often see: anecdotal, and, unfortunately, inconclusive. Vitamins are great, but there is little conclusive evidence that they can improve a person’s balance. A better natural solution lies in a very different source: touch-based neuro technology—Voxx Human Performance Technology, or HPT for short.

Voxx HPT: Better Than Supplements to Improve Balance

VoxxLife Human Performance Technology is embedded in all VoxxLife sock products—because your ability to balance should start with comfortable feet! But beneath the vented, antimicrobial material and cushioned heel is a special, unique pattern that activates a specific sequence of receptors in the foot, generating a neural signal. This signal is proven to enhance the function of the brainstem, which is responsible, in part, for maintaining your balance. 

In fact, when our test subjects wore Voxx socks in a recent study, they increased their balance by 30% when they performed an FDA-approved stability test! Learn more about the study—click here to read it for yourself!

If you’re looking for vitamins or supplements to improve balance, you’re on the right track and thinking the right way—natural solutions are the ideal path forward! That’s why VoxxLife’s socks, insoles, and patches can offer a balance and stability solution that are easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. Give it a try today! We even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Shop now to find the perfect pair to help live a more balanced life.

  1. Akdeniz, S., Hepguler, S., Öztürk, C., & Atamaz, F. C. (2016). The relation between vitamin D and postural balance according to clinical tests and tetrax posturography. Journal of physical therapy science, 28(4), 1272–1277.

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