Dr. Joe Baldino: Brain-Based Rehabilitation

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“Any manual practitioner, without a doubt, should be implementing these things. I know it’s hard to understand the concept of how it works, because it’s so not-clinical … but what it does to affect the neurology of somebody just enhances treatments, and then it just helps people’s quality of life.”

Dr. Joe Baldino specializes in brain-based rehabilitation from his clinic in Illinois. Brain rehabilitation therapy is incredibly important for individuals fighting problems with everything from their memories to their speaking to their movement. Often, patients needing brain rehabilitation are recovering from brain injuries, tumours, and strokes. Voxx HPT helps Dr. Baldino and his patients on a regular basis. He describes it as an amazing supplement to his regular treatments, saying that he’s seen “things that look like miracles” in patients with concussions, migraines, and vertigo. Homeostasis and rehabilitation complement each other very well, and VoxxLife is thrilled to be able to help Dr. Baldino’s patients – thank-you for sharing your story!