How our technology works

Harness the skin-brain connection with Voxx HPT technology

Rich with somatosensory receptors, the skin is an essential interface between the brain and the outside world.

Voxx’s HPT technology engages receptors in the skin leading to measurable changes in brain activity that reduce the perception of pain, increase functional performance, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

How It Works

Here’s the theory behind Voxx HPT technology:

Somatosensory receptors detect the Voxx HPT pattern

Through specially designed tactile patterns that are sewn into socks or embedded in patches, Voxx HPT technology triggers somatosensory and proprioception receptors in the skin.

Somatosensory receptors signal the central nervous system (CNS)

In response to the specific Voxx HPT pattern, somatosensory receptors send signals from the skin to the CNS.

The CNS processes and responds to the signals

As with all stimuli from the peripheral nervous system, the CNS processes and integrates the signals sent in response to the Voxx HPT pattern. The Voxx HPT pattern induces specific changes to brain wave patterns that correlate with a reduction in the perception of pain and fatigue.

Patients can achieve improved quality-of-life, drug-free and non-invasively

As a result of wearing VoxxLife products, patients report significantly lower pain scores and show improved functional performance. See how Voxx HPT technology improves quality-of-life for patients with a range of indications.

Benefits of Voxx HPT

Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO of VoxxLife, joins Dr. Mark Debrincat, to demonstrate the incredible power of the Voxx Harmony NeuroPatch using FDA cleared 19-channel QEEG headsets and NeuroGuide(TM) clinical brain mapping software.

Easy Implementation for Patients

Socks, insoles, and patches are easily incorporated into a patient’s day-to-day activities, simplifying compliance.


Avoids the risks associated with other pain management approaches such as the potential for abuse and addiction.   

Expands Non-invasive Options

By managing pain and improving function non-invasively, patients may be able to avoid costly and invasive alternatives. 

Combines with Rehabilitation & Recovery 

Can be used to enhance and accelerate physical therapy programs by reducing pain and fatigue and improving function. 

Combines with Compression

Select VoxxLife socks come with medical-grade compression, providing venous and lymphatic system support with all the benefits of VoxxLife HPT technology. 

Includes Peer Support

Learn from and interact with other VoxxLife practitioners through scheduled presentations, forums, and discussions. 

Clinical Studies

Effects of Foot Stimulation (VoxxLife HPT) on the Human Electroencephalogram
Impact of Voxx HPT on Balance, Stability and Strength
Impact of Voxx HPT on Pain Management

Related Publications and Supporting Research

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoxxLife is safe for individuals with no side effects or safety warnings, just side benefits and increased quality of life.

VoxxLife has developed several tools to effectively and efficiently share VoxxLife products with the individuals you serve. These tools are available on the practitioner training portal and in your VoxxLife back office account.

Additionally, VoxxLife hosts weekly calls exclusively for VoxxLife practitioners, and produces a monthly Practitioner Newsletter with testimonials and tips from other VoxxLife practitioners.


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