Balance & Mobility

Balance & Mobility

Improve mobility, balance, and injury prevention from falls with VoxxLife technology, which has been shown to improve balance and stability 36% when tested against regular socks (n = 69) [1] using the Sway Medical Balance assessment tool [2].

The importance of balance in injury prevention and mobility

Falls, especially in the elderly and those with motor disorders, can cause injury, anxiety, and an overall reduction in quality of life [3, 4]. General exercise to improve muscle quality and strength, as well as balance-specific exercises, are often recommended for injury prevention, although exercise can actually increase the fall risk for certain subgroups [3]. Finding safe ways to increase strength and improve balance are important components of injury prevention programs for patients at higher risk of falling.

How VoxxLife Technology can help with balance and stability

Incorporated into socks, insoles, and patches, VoxxLife technology uses a tactile pattern that activates somatosensory and proprioception receptors in the skin to induce changes in brainwave patterns that are detectable by electroencephalography (EEG). In a study of 69 patients, VoxxLife socks (referred to as Dermatome Neuropoint Activating Socks in the study) improved balance and stability control relative to regular socks by 36% [1], as measured using the Sway Medical Balance assessment tool [2].

Integrating VoxxLife technology into everyday use for your patients at higher risk of injury due to falling, and especially during exercise to increase patient stability, can be an effective supplement to your current injury prevention recommendations that can potentially deliver large improvements to a patient’s quality of life.

Patient Testimonials

“Physical therapists in the hospital notice the improvement in their posture, their gait, and their stability.”

Steve Wolf, MD, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon

“We talk about balance and risk of falls, and this has demonstrated unbelievable improvement in overall stability and decreased risk of falls.”

Lawrence Cox, DO, Family Physician

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Counteracting signals from pain receptors in the feet, VoxxLife technology can reduce a patient’s feelings of fatigue and improve overall wellbeing.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Combining well-established compression sock approaches with VoxxLife technology may accelerate the rehabilitation and recovery process.

Pain Management

Our study on 1,000 patients with diabetic neuropathy showed a significant reduction in average pain score when using VoxxLife socks.