Pain Management

Pain Management

A simple, safe, and conservative approach, VoxxLife’s technology uses patches, insoles, and socks for neuropathic pain and general pain management. The technology has already shown efficacy in a study of 1,000 patients with painful diabetic neuropathy, significantly reducing pain in 95% of patients after only one week.

The challenges of pain management

Everyone experiences pain, but while the physiology of nociception—the detection of injury—is becoming increasingly well defined [1, 2], the perception of pain and how different areas of the brain integrate information to produce the sensation of pain is not well understood. Pain is subjective, personal, and highly complex.

The subjective nature of pain makes it difficult to objectively measure, which can complicate the development of effective therapeutic interventions [5] and leaves many pain sufferers without relief.

In addition, in light of the ongoing opioid epidemic, guidelines for pain management are constantly evolving and non-narcotic options for pain management are greatly needed.

Current options for drug-free management of chronic pain

Several drug-free methods for managing pain, specifically pain related to peripheral neuropathies, have been studied, including electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation, vibration stimulation, photon stimulation, acupuncture, and neurofeedback, and show some success [6]. However, these methods can be invasive—electrical spinal cord stimulation requires the implantation of electrodes—and typically require regular administration by a healthcare provider.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated the ongoing treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain, especially with treatment modalities that require regular office visits [7].

VoxxLife technology is a new, easy-to-implement option for pain management

Through patches, insoles, and socks for neuropathic pain and general pain management, VoxxLife gives healthcare practitioners a new, non-invasive, and drug-free option for pain management that is easy for the patient to implement, does not require frequent office visits, and can easily be combined with pharmacological and physical therapy interventions.

In a study of 1,000 patients with painful diabetic neuropathy who had previously been wearing regular diabetic socks, one week of wearing VoxxLife socks (referred to in the study as Dermatome Neuropoint Socks) led to a significant reduction in reported pain in 95% of study subjects, with 76.9% reporting pain scores of 2 or lower, pain that “Can be Ignored” using the Universal Pain Scale. Before the study, all patients reported pain scores of 4 or higher, which correlates with “Pain that Interferes with Tasks.”

Given the quality of life improvements observed in this initial study and the safety and affordability of VoxxLife technology, VoxxLife products offer a simple, safe, and conservative pain treatment option.

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Patient Testimonials

“I have more energy, I am not depressed from my pain anymore, and I can do things I couldn't do a year ago, couldn't do ten years ago.”

Dawnalita on pain management

“I came in with leg pain, hip pain, and back pain and wore them all day walking around Ottawa and the Expo...I feel wonderful!”

Grant on pain management

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Counteracting signals from pain receptors in the feet, VoxxLife technology can reduce a patient’s feelings of fatigue and improve overall wellbeing.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Combining well-established compression sock approaches with VoxxLife technology may accelerate the rehabilitation and recovery process.

Balance & Mobility

Balance and mobility improvements of >30% were seen in a study of 69 patients using VoxxLife technology.