Rehabilitation & Recovery

Rehabilitation & Recovery

VoxxLife technology can support injury and surgery recovery through non-invasive and drug-free pain management and improved balance and stability.

A drug-free addition to your pain management treatment plans

Pain after injury or surgery can slow recovery by delaying resumption of activity or rehabilitative exercise. If improperly managed, acute pain can develop into chronic pain which is more challenging to treat [1].

VoxxLife products have the potential to enhance your current recovery and rehabilitation practices by providing drug-free pain management that can be used in conjunction with other interventions. VoxxLife socks have been shown to reduce pain in a study of 1,000 patients with painful diabetic neuropathy, and many of the medical practitioners who use VoxxLife products have seen excellent results in their patients.

Easy to implement and highly affordable for your patients, VoxxLife socks, insoles, and patches are great addition to injury and surgery recovery treatment plans.

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A simple way to promote balance and stability

Falls due to balance and stability problems are also a frequent barrier to successful rehabilitation and recovery. VoxxLife socks have been shown to improve balance by 36% compared to regular socks in a study of healthy, pain-free patients and, as with pain management, medical practitioners that have incorporated Voxx technology into their surgery recovery and rehabilitation treatment plans have seen excellent patient results.

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Patient Testimonials

“Every day has been a new discovery with what I get with energy, balance, well-being.”

Rick on recovery after a car crash

“VoxxLife products are now the standard of care in our clinic because of how efficacious they’ve proven to be.”

Lawrence Cox, DO, Family Physician

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Counteracting signals from pain receptors in the feet, VoxxLife technology can reduce a patient’s feelings of fatigue and improve overall wellbeing.

Pain Management

Our study on 1,000 patients with diabetic neuropathy showed a significant reduction in average pain score when using VoxxLife socks.

Balance & Mobility

Balance and mobility improvements of >30% were seen in a study of 69 patients using VoxxLife technology.