Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

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By harnessing the power of the skin-brain connection and inducing measurable changes to brain wave patterns, VoxxLife technology can help patients manage pain, improve stability and balance, and enhance athletic performance.

Clinical Studies Using VoxxHPT

  • Summary

    Painful diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes that can severely limit a patient’s daily functioning and is difficult to treat. In this study of 1,000 patients, we show that one week of wearing VoxxLife socks (referred to in the study as Dermatome Neuropoint Socks) led to a significant reduction in reported pain in 95% of study subjects, with 76.9% reporting pain scores of 2 or lower, pain that “Can be Ignored” using the Universal Pain Scale.

  • M.S. Dhaliwal MScPT, Dayan Henson


    Dynamic and static stability and balance, along with postural sway, have an impact on athletic performance, fall risk, general mobility and overall quality of life. In this study of 69 patients, we show that VoxxLife socks (referred to as Dermatome Neuropoint Activating Socks in the study) improved balance and stability control relative to regular socks by 36%, as measured using the Sway Medical Balance assessment tool.

  • Summary

    The concept of a direct linkage between highly concentrated dermatome sites and the midbrain is not novel but that mechanism has never been fully studied and deconstructed. In this study of thirty experienced athletes, we show how Voxx technology translates into notable increases in the production of velocity, average power and force—both eccentric and concentric—as compared to when the athletes wore regular socks.

  • Thatcher, R. W., DeBrincat, M., North, D. M., and Dhaliwal, J.


    In this study, we explore how the human electroencephalogram (EEG) changes when standard cloth socks are replaced with VoxxLife socks. We found a strong effect size of the Voxx socks on the EEG, primarily in the theta and alpha frequency bands, which was anatomically validated due to the strong effects on the homuncular projection of the feet to the medial somatosensory cortex.

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