Hockey is a sport for warriors.
Get ready for battle.

Get more out of every shot, pass, and stride with VoxxLife’s performance line, already tested and approved by pro athletes.


• More explosiveness
• More speed and agility on the ice
• More powerful bodychecks


• Less likely to get injured
• Increased player safety


• More speed on the ice
• Greater agility
• Harder shots


• More agility and accuracy on the ice


• Recover faster for your next game
• Increased return-to-play from injury


• Better vision on the ice
• Improved decision-making



Voxx HPT is a contact-based technology. When your skin comes in contact with the Voxx HPT pattern, it triggers a sensation and sends information to your brain. The brain and nervous system process that stimulation, giving athletes immediate improvements to their balance, stability, and power, while also helping to reduce pain.

RCT Study Plantar Neuro-Receptor Activation In Improving Overall Clinical Function And Decreasing Pain And Stiffness In Tka

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Peformance Patch

Increased athletic performance in a quick, on-the-go patch, for more speed, power, and energy.


Stay locked in on what you’re doing. Made to improve attention, clarity, and calmness.

Compression Socks

Graduated compression to increase blood flow and repair broken soft tissue, while reducing pain and enhancing muscle recovery.


Premium knee and joint support to give you greater stability and improve your rehab and recovery.

Reviews from Real Players

Ryan Donato
Ryan DonatoNHL Forward
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Since I started wearing VoxxLife socks and patches, I’ve felt my balance, stability, strength, focus and attention improve on the ice.

Overall, I feel stronger on my feet and more stable in engagements. It’s no coincidence my on ice performance has improved since wearing the socks and patches.

Physically and mentally, it gives me a competitive advantage. I’m so happy someone introduced me to this amazing VoxxLife technology!
Ron Hoover
Ron HooverNHL Alumni
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I first started wearing VoxxLife products because I was so amazed at the benefits from a performance standpoint. I had broken my leg later in my hockey career and now, in my 50's, am still trying to manage some of the pain and stiffness.

The socks and patches have helped dramatically with the pain and stiffness, especially in the winter.

I'm very happy with how this has also helped me with a meniscal tear, allowing me to play golf.

I highly recommend these products!
Lucas Condotta
Lucas CondottaAHL Forward
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I wore Voxx socks while I was team captain at UMass-Lowell and now as a pro hockey player. I play and train with them and am very pleased with the way it’s helped me be a better player.

My balance, stability and strength is better on the ice and I feel stronger in the gym. Recovering from intense training and playing is also better when I use the tech.

Overall I'm very happy with how it’s helped me and recommend it to anyone at any level.
Josh Jooris
Josh JoorisSwiss League Forward
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Since I started wearing VoxxLife socks, I’ve felt my balance, stability, strength, focus, and attention improve on the ice.

Overall, I feel stronger on my feet and more stable in engagements.

Physically and mentally it gives me a competitive advantage.
Ryan Schmelzer
Ryan SchmelzerAHL Forward
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I’ve been using Voxx socks and patches since the end of June while recovering from shoulder surgery. I was told that I was supposed to be back playing hockey by the end of November at the latest and now might be able to start the season October 15th!

This is incredible and has really helped me with my recovery time and training on and off the ice. I’m extremely happy with how good I feel and use this technology on a daily basis as part of my training and recovery!
Jake Barczewski
Jake BarczewskiNCAA Goaltender
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The Voxx socks and sleeve have helped me both mentally and physically on and off the ice. My balance and stability have increased dramatically when it comes to lateral movements in the crease.

The Voxx socks are also very helpful off the ice when it comes to training in the weight room. My scores in the broad jump, vertical jump, and sprints have increased by 10% from the years prior before wearing these socks.

When it comes to wearing the sleeve, the feeling alone helps me minimize any anxiety I have prior to the game. I enjoy wearing the sleeve because it helps me focus on what is important at the moment. Whether this is making a big save in a monumental game or making a breakout pass behind the net with defenders rushing in behind me full speed. The sleeve also helps me focus off the ice as well when I need to focus in the weight room or in school.

Overall, I can not be more pleased with the way the Voxx socks and sleeve have helped me transform my game into being an elite goaltender.


VoxxLife’s products rely on the science of vibrotactile stimulation. When the technology is in contact with the skin, the micro-vibrations trigger a response in the brainstem, helping to improve a person’s pain, balance, mobility, or a multitude of other ailments and discomforts.

VoxxLife technology couldn’t be easier to use! The technology is strategically placed on all of the products to be in contact with your skin, thus initiating the vibrotactile stimulation. The technology is available in patches, socks, insoles, and a number of other wearables.

Yes! VoxxLife technology was strategically studied and designed to provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and non-invasive solution for people managing pain, balance, and mobility issues, and have since developed many more solutions to help improve more people’s quality of life. Plus, the effects are almost immediate!
VoxxLife offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try the product and experience the benefits, first-hand.