REM Super Patch: Optimize Your Sleep

Voxxlife Stories

The REM Super Patch is a wearable arm patch that can be worn before going to bed to improve sleep on a nightly basis. 

“There’s a long list of factors that can interfere with our sleep. Some of the most common ones are movement, light, temperature, noise, and pain.”

The REM Super Patch works to reduce rumination and increase coherence within the brain by helping the parts of the brain responsible for sleep achieve homeostasis. Dr. Mark Debrincat guides us through the process of getting the most out of our nights with this amazing new technology. He tells us that wearers have experienced “a marked improvement in deep sleep and REM sleep on a very consistent basis.” Check out the video to learn more about this new addition to our family of patches, and let us know what you think!

“If you’re somebody that understands the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, and you feel you could probably be sleeping better, I urge you to try the REM Super Patch, and you will be pleasantly surprised, and that fight to get a good night’s sleep will finally be over.”