VoxxLife CEO Jay Dhaliwal, featured in CEO Magazine

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In May of 2019, Jay Dhaliwal appeared in CEO Magazine, where he talked about his experiences founding and leading VoxxLife.

The story of VoxxLife starts with Jay Dhaliwal, the company’s founder and CEO, realizing his reason for being. When Jay was a teenager, his mother was diagnosed multiple sclerosis, a terrible disease that causes the immune system to attack its own nerves and disrupt communication between the body and brain. This life-changing blow put him on one simple path: he wanted to help his mother. And for the next thirty-five years, that single purpose defined his entire career.

At the time, treatment for multiple sclerosis generally meant one of two things: drugs or electricity, which are unpredictable options at best. There is no cure for the disease, and, at the time, there were no reliable ways to manage it either. It was, in a word, horrible; even today, depression is extremely common in individuals fighting the condition. Jay spent decades working to find a better way to overcome it – for his mother, and for millions of people who fight against this disease every day.

Read the full article by Sharon Masige, on CEO Magazine here.