VoxxLife in the National Post

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Towards the end of 2017, Dr. Mark DeBrincat sat down with the National Post to discuss his life-changing relationship with VoxxLife and Human Performance Technology. After surviving a serious car accident that left him wheelchair-bound for years, he was inspired to use his medical and neurological expertise to help others. This path brought him together with Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO of VoxxLife, in 2017.

Dr. DeBrincat uses brain-mapping to assess the potential of products that aim to improve the body’s neurological function. Brain-mapping allows him to see not only what the brain is doing at a given time, but how much potential it has to be doing more.

“With the socks, I saw areas of the brain map indicating that the dominant frequency — what that area of the brain is capable of doing — change from too low to 100 per cent,” he says. “My heart did a backflip. From testing nutrients to essential oils to energy feedback and microcirculation devices, I’ve never seen a change this dramatic. And this was the result of simply putting on a pair of socks. The stimulation is entirely tactile. There are no wires, bumps or magnets in the socks.”

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