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Step into greater comfort and less pain

VoxxLife products are clinically proven to actively reduce pain and can help you manage diabetic neuropathy.

Reducing Pain

Better Mobility

Injury Prevention


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The world’s best sock for diabetics, made with a non-binding elastic at the ankle that won’t slip, a seamless toe, and extra padding on the sole for cushioned, comfy feet.


Improve how you move, with an easy-to-use Liberty Patch, a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may assist in better balance and stability.


For on-the-go relief from minor aches and pains, the Freedom Patch is the perfect solution for muscle and joint pain from exercise or daily activity.

Bliss Enhanced
Wellness Insoles

Feel better on your feet with the most comfortable insole ever made. Packed with more benefits than custom orthotics for a fraction of the price.

Studies show: less pain

When tested with people suffering from diabetic neuropathy, VoxxLife Wellness Socks significantly reduced pain in 95% of study subjects after just one week, over 75% reporting pain dropping to levels that could be ignored!

Effect of a dermatome neuropoint activating socks on painful diabetic neuropathy pain in feet


“Now my husband can cycle long distances without having to get off his bike every 20 minutes or so.”

Elaine Trites on diabetic neuropathy

“I’ve tried many things and I’m happy to say that…he’s been out of discomfort since the first day.” 

Carolyn Clark on Diabetic Neuropathy


Sharon Murray
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I have a problem with non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The HPT products have controlled the pain by 99.5%! I especially appreciate the patches because I live in a hotter climate, and can't wear the socks in the summer. Highly recommend!
Patti Collins
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After the first Covid vaccine, my body had a 2 hour delayed response to insulin injected. This was very dangerous for me, a Type 1 diabetic! These patches are very effective in correcting this issue!
Agnes Lamers
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Got these for my hubby for his diabetic neuropathy. Amazing results
Chris Clifford
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My brother-in-law works at a job tending bar. He has been suffering from pain in his feet due to diabetic neuropathy. Once he started wearing these socks he noticed that he was able to finish his shifts and not feel the pain in his feet. All he wants now for birthdays, Christmas presents and any other gift giving event is Voxx socks!
Drea Aten
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Since using g these socks, my husbands diabetic neuropathy has lessened, his swelling cut down more than half and he is able to walk without pain.
Kathy Normore
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I absolutely love my wellness socks. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and can honestly say that I am 95% pain free. I also suffered with diabetic neuropathy in my feet and since wearing these socks, daily, for the last 3 years my life has changed dramatically. I even wear my socks to bed sometimes if I need the extra comfort!


VoxxLife’s products rely on the science of vibrotactile stimulation. When the technology is in contact with the skin, the micro-vibrations trigger a response in the brainstem, helping to improve a person’s pain, balance, mobility, or a multitude of other ailments and discomforts.

VoxxLife technology couldn’t be easier to use! The technology is strategically placed on all of the products to be in contact with your skin, thus initiating the vibrotactile stimulation. The technology is available in patches, socks, insoles, and a number of other wearables.

Yes! VoxxLife technology was strategically studied and designed to provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and non-invasive solution for people managing pain, balance, and mobility issues, and have since developed many more solutions to help improve more people’s quality of life. Plus, the effects are almost immediate!
VoxxLife offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try the product and experience the benefits, first-hand.