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Rehabilitation and recovery from injuries can be challenging. VoxxLife makes it easier with natural solutions that have been clinically proven to support injury and surgery recovery.

Balance & Stability

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For on-the-go relief from minor aches and pains, the Freedom Patch is the perfect solution for muscle and joint pain from exercise or daily activity.


Improve how you move, with an easy-to-use Liberty Patch, a non-invasive and drug-free technology that may assist in better balance and stability.

Compression Socks

VoxxLife’s graduated compression helps to increase blood flow and help repair broken soft tissue, while reducing pain and enhancing muscle recovery.


Premium knee and joint support to give you greater stability and improve your rehab and recovery.

Studies show: Better Balance

A lack of balance can be a huge barrier to successful rehabilitation and recovery. VoxxLife socks have been shown to improve balance by 36%. Medical practitioners have also incorporated VoxxLife into their patient’s surgery recovery and rehabilitation treatment plans, with excellent results.

Effect of a dermatome neuropoint Activating socks on painful diabetic Neuropathy pain in feet


“Every day has been a new discovery with what I get with energy, balance, well-being.”

Rick on recovery after a car crash

“VoxxLife products are now the standard of care in our clinic because of how efficacious they’ve proven to be.”

Lawrence Cox, DO, Family Physician


Lori Whitelam
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I love wearing my Athletic Crew Sock for hiking! They are high so I enjoy wearing them with my hiking boots! Can't beat Stability and Balance when hiking! plus all the other benefits!
Rosalie Brewster
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My 8 year old grandson wears these socks when he is racing his Moto x bike. Gives him great support in his legs and super balance.
Daniel Kunstmann
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By far my favorite every day sock. They have been instrumental in improving my back pain and my balance. They are the only sock I will wear!
Tracy Lalonde
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These are the MOST comfortable socks I have ever worn - and even I'm a little surprised! I am encouraged observing positive impact on my mental health even, perhaps especially, in the midst of some difficult days. Plus, I love that the socks on my feet help reduce plastic waste and mean a tree has been planted. In my opinion - Win. Win. Win.
Michelle Crann
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If I am feeling a little down I automatically reach for my Boohmi socks. Within minutes I can feel a change in my mood. Definitely a must in these trying times.
Pat Wilson
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We purchased the e sleeves for our 3 kids and myself who suffers from anxiety and some ADHD. We noticed math was done earlier for our daughter, our son was more focused!!! So thankful for this tool for our wellness journey.


VoxxLife’s products rely on the science of vibrotactile stimulation. When the technology is in contact with the skin, the micro-vibrations trigger a response in the brainstem, helping to improve a person’s pain, balance, mobility, or a multitude of other ailments and discomforts.

VoxxLife technology couldn’t be easier to use! The technology is strategically placed on all of the products to be in contact with your skin, thus initiating the vibrotactile stimulation. The technology is available in patches, socks, insoles, and a number of other wearables.

Yes! VoxxLife technology was strategically studied and designed to provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and non-invasive solution for people managing pain, balance, and mobility issues, and have since developed many more solutions to help improve more people’s quality of life. Plus, the effects are almost immediate!
VoxxLife offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try the product and experience the benefits, first-hand.