Why Celebrity Trainer Kirsty Dunne Wears VoxxLife

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As a celebrity trainer, wellness performance coach, and entrepreneur, Kirsty Dunne knows how important it is to take care of both her physical and mental state. After working at her craft for many years, Kirsty is an expert in wellness, and works with global initiatives to promote physical and mental health, female and self-empowerment, and many other wellness-based initiatives to help people live as happily and healthily as possible. 

Kirsty first learned about VoxxLife when she began wearing the eSmartr sleeve, and has since adopted many VoxxLife products into her workouts, routines, and active living.

Get to know Kirsty by reading our recent interview with her below on how VoxxLife products have helped her with pain management and performance.

Kirsty Dunne Interview

How did you discover VoxxLife?

I discovered VoxxLife because I wanted to enhance my fitness performance and recovery naturally. As someone who runs regularly, leads fitness events, and has an active career, I always aim to enhance my performance and recovery.

What’s your favourite VoxxLife product and why?

I love the Voxx Stasis Athletic No-Show sock. Running is my favourite form of cardio; it’s become like meditation for me, so I love wearing a sock that naturally enhances my runs and provides technology to help support my ankle balance and avoid it giving out on me—especially after I broke my left ankle years ago.

How do VoxxLife’s values align with your mission to lead a healthy life?

Voxxlife’s values align with my mission of living a healthy lifestyle naturally and drug-free based on real science!

What’s something you’re looking forward to this year?

This year, I’m looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone! I’m not much of a skier, but I’m planning to challenge myself and ski the Swiss Alps (while putting my VoxxTerra Outdoor Boot Socks to the test)! I’m also looking forward to training for my first triathlon, which has been a goal of mine for years, and excited for the VoxxLife’s products to enhance this journey!!

Who in your life could benefit from VoxxLife’s technology?

So many people in my life, but I would probably say my mom because it would really support her new wellness journey and yoga routine. It can be challenging at first, so I know she would really appreciate the holistic approach of VoxxLife’s product line.

How often do you use VoxxLife products?

Honestly, I use the products daily, even if I’m not working out for recovery and everyday performance. Technology aside, the socks are also just soooo comfortable!

Name 10 things on your holiday wish list this year.

  • Having the family all together!
  • Face masks! You can never have too many
  • New fitness gear to motivate my workout routine ready for 2022
  • For my doggie to be with me back in the UK
  • To spend my first Christmas back in my hometown of London, England
  • Cozy Socks. Lots of socks!
  • A new pair of runners for training
  • Snow! Just for one day though 🙂
  • Getting together with friends, because it’s presence over presents!
  • A kiss under the mistletoe 😛

How do you keep yourself motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Every morning, I start with me and my fitness. My first healthy habit is my workouts, because it leads to a domino effect of other healthy habits, like what I eat, how I focus at work, and prioritizing self-care. The discipline in my fitness and sport is what transcends into my work and mental performance, helping me to become more productive.

How did you get into fitness training?

I grew up playing a lot of sports and have always been active, and it gave me confidence. I also wanted to empower women to become healthier and more self-confident, because it really changed my life and self body image. That’s when I started leading the women’s campaign for Adidas: to inspire women to bring out their athleticism.

Why is having a healthy mind important to you?

It’s everything! Life has its challenges, and whether it’s work, relationships, or anything that you may experience- it affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize your mind and body.

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